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  • Book-a-Bucket Composting Service by Green Space

    With GreenSpace's composting service, all you need to do is collect your food waste in your composting bucket, schedule a pick-up, and let us do the rest!
  • SoilMate: An IT Solution on Food Waste Landfill Diversion through Composting

      The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines’ The Sustainable Diner (TSD) project has been engaging with several members of the hospitality s...
  • Where Food Waste Goes

    Green Space offers solutions to improper food waste handling and disposal. Through our Book-a-Bucket subscription service, we collect residential and corporate food waste in order to divert it from landfills and lessen harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Here's what happens.
  • The GreenSpace Composting Buckets

    Bokashi Composting makes use of a process called anaerobic fermentation. Anaerobic means "occurring in the absence of free oxygen or air." To accomplish this, our composting buckets are made to be air-tight yet easy to open!

    Our buckets are developed by Sentinel Upcycling Technologies.

  • 10 Ways to Love the Earth

    Here we've made a quick list of ways we can show our love to our planet all year round! National Zero Waste Month has ended but we hope you continue practicing the lifestyle, and these are some ways to do it.
  • Make the Change

    January has been dedicated to raising awareness to and advocating the Zero Waste Movement. The month is coming to an end, but we at GreenSpace hope you've become more knowledgeable of the Zero Waste lifestyle and would give it a try this 2021! The journey has just begun!

    To act as your guide in beginning to minimize waste, here's a short compiled list of tips:

  • Food Waste Holds Immeasurable Power

    In Metro Manila alone, about 2,175 tons of food scraps end up in trash bins on a daily basis. 52% of solid waste in the Philippines consists of biodegradables, food waste, and garden waste. 1.3 billion tons of food, enough to feed 3 billion people, is lost and wasted around the world annually. All these food lost and wasted end up polluting the earth—but they shouldn't be!

    All these food lost and wasted could do so much good—if only we put them in the right place. Here's one way to do just that: compost it!

  • The Right Place for Waste

    One of the benefits of segregating your trash at home is that it helps you realize what you might need to buy less of. It can also help you decide what items you can switch to more eco-friendly alternatives.

    But… where do these segregated trash go?

    That’s one of the problems that need to be addressed! Sadly, even when we do our part and segregate at home, they still end up together in landfills.

  • Living Zero-Waste Amidst a Global Pandemic

    A good first step to starting a zero-waste lifestyle is to be conscious of the waste we generate at our very own homes. Have you noticed what kinds of solid waste are in your bins? Have you tried segregating your trash and observing what your bins usually consist of?

    With personal health and safety being of utmost priority especially during community quarantine due to COVID-19, there is surely an increase in waste at home!

  • What It Means to Go 'Zero-Waste'

    You might be wondering: is it really possible to generate ZERO waste at all? Can we really live a life wherein absolutely NO WASTE is created?
  • Happy National Zero Waste Month!

    It’s human nature to want to set goals at the start of something new, such as the new year. How about giving a zero-waste lifestyle a try this 2021?