Sustainable Lifestyle

  • Make the Change

    January has been dedicated to raising awareness to and advocating the Zero Waste Movement. The month is coming to an end, but we at GreenSpace hope you've become more knowledgeable of the Zero Waste lifestyle and would give it a try this 2021! The journey has just begun!

    To act as your guide in beginning to minimize waste, here's a short compiled list of tips:

  • Living Zero-Waste Amidst a Global Pandemic

    A good first step to starting a zero-waste lifestyle is to be conscious of the waste we generate at our very own homes. Have you noticed what kinds of solid waste are in your bins? Have you tried segregating your trash and observing what your bins usually consist of?

    With personal health and safety being of utmost priority especially during community quarantine due to COVID-19, there is surely an increase in waste at home!