Book-A-Bucket Composting Service by Green Space

With GreenSpace's composting service, all you need to do is collect your food waste in your composting bucket, schedule a pick-up, and let us do the rest! 

What is Book-A-Bucket?

On September 2020, we launched the Book-A-Bucket subscription service to encourage the diversion of food waste from the landfills, even for individuals who may not have enough space to make compost or those who simply need a lending hand with the process.

The goal of our composting service is to help provide an option where you can direct your food waste to rather than letting it mix with other solid wastes and leading them to the landfills. We aim to provide materials for you to COLLECT your food waste in, and we'll do the COMPOSTING part for you!


The SoilMate App

On June 25, 2021, GreenSpace launched a mobile app in partnership with WWF-Philippines. The SoilMate app offers solutions to improper food waste handling & disposal for both food businesses and homeowners. Ideal for urban residents, the SoilMate app provides access to GreenSpace's Book-a-Bucket subscription service that helps you divert food waste from the landfills despite having minimal space.

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How It Works

Frequently Asked Q's

How do I subscribe?

📍Choose a Plan - Through the SoilMate app, choose a subscription plan that will best suit you [YOU ARE HERE]


  • diameter: 300mm | height: 405mm
  • On average, a household of 4 will fill up one standard (20L) bucket in 2 weeks time. (ave. 10kgs of food waste)
  • diameter: diameter: 300mm | height: 332mm
  • A smaller household can choose the mini bucket (16L) which can hold up to 8kgs of food waste.


  • SoilMate Rookie - 3-month subscription perfect for those trying out composting for the first time!
  • SoilMate Enthusiast - Getting the hang of it? Choose the 6-month subscription!
  • SoilMate Hero - Fully commit to a lifestyle that greatly helps Mother Earth through a 12-month subscription!


  • SOLO - inclusive of ONE (1) bucket exchange per month
  • DUO - inclusive of TWO (2) bucket exchanges per month (only applicable to Standard (20L) buckets)
  • TRIO - inclusive of THREE (3) bucket exchanges per month (only applicable to SoilMate Hero (Standard 20L) subscribers)
  • SQUAD - inclusive of FOUR (4) bucket exchanges per month (only applicable to SoilMate Hero (Standard 20L) subscribers)


The new #SoilMateFLEX subscription plan allows you to Book-a-Bucket exchange anytime, as needed, within your subscription period which lasts for 12 months. This is a more flexible subscription plan especially for those who travel often, aren't always home, or simply have very little food waste in their household. This subscription plan is only applicable to MINI (16L) buckets.

An annual SoilMate fee is required to confirm your subscription. The bucket exchange fee for this plan is P300 per bucket.

Upon subscription, you will receive an initial 2 sets of bucket and one 1.2kg jar of Bokashi bran.


💚 Get Started - GreenSpace will deliver to you your initial buckets and bran & you will receive your Bokashi Composting Manual via email. You may also access the Resources page in the SoilMate app to read helpful articles!
🏡 Exchange - Once your compost bucket is full, you can exchange it for a clean, empty bucket with us so you can continue collecting your food waste at home. Book-a-Bucket exchange through the SoilMate app!

How do I exchange?

Once your compost bucket is full, you can exchange it for a clean, empty bucket with us so you can continue collecting your food waste at home. Every bucket exchange also includes bran replenishment. There will always be enough clean and ready-to-use compost buckets for all subscribers. 😄

  • Once your bucket is full, make sure that it is tightly sealed and keep it in a dry and warm area, away from direct sunlight. Continue collecting your food waste using your second bucket. And don't forget to compress the contents of your buckets in order to maximize its capacity!
  • Head to the Book-a-Bucket page in the SoilMate app to schedule an exchange. Our exchange days are set on a Saturday for Makati, Mandaluyong, Paranaque, Pasay, Pasig, Pateros, Taguig; and on a Sunday for Marikina, Manila, Quezon City, San Juan. You may choose the closest Saturday/Sunday or any preferred Saturday/Sunday as long as you don’t run out of buckets.
  • While waiting for your exchange day, continue to drain out Bokashi juice from your bucket so you can use it at home or for your plants.
  • On the day of the exchange, get your full bucket and empty Bokashi jar ready. We will be taking your full compost bucket and your empty Bokashi jar, and we will leave behind a set of a clean compost bucket and a replenished jar of Bokashi bran.

If you require additional bucket exchanges, add your desired quantity under Bucket-on-Demand in the Book-a-Bucket page (PhP200.00 per bucket, to be billed when you book an exchange).

Exchange Options

  • DOOR-TO-DOOR (D2D) - this option will require your full pick-up address
  • LOBBY PICK-UP (LP) - through building concierge or service entrance, especially for those living in condo/residential complexes
    • this will require contact information of the receiver and special instructions, if need be, such as lobby restrictions, etc. when you book an exchange

How often do I exchange?

How quickly you fill up your bucket and need to exchange depends on the size of your household:

  • 1 pax: exchange 1 bucket per month
  • 2-4 pax: exchange up to 2 buckets per month (i.e. 1 bucket every 2 weeks)
  • 3-6 pax: exchange up to 3 buckets per month
  • 5-10 pax: exhange up to 4 buckets per month (i.e. 1 bucket per week)

Bucket exchange quantities are an estimate.*

💰 All prices indicated are VAT inclusive.

🏡 Happy Composting!